Perfect for yourself, your family, and your business

The Fraser River Ranch Fishing Club is made up of around 32 members that renew on an annual basis. Currently, the Club does not have lodging facilities for the members to use, but many have homes in the valley, commute the short 80 miles from the Denver metro area, or camp on the property or in the surrounding area.  We have picnic tables and fire pits for Club Members use.  Fraser River Ranch Fishing Club maintains a maximum of 32 members so as to continually give members the opportunity to have the river mostly, if not entirely, to themselves.

We have two sections that a member can elect to join, one we call the Fraser River Ranch section and one we call the Homestretch. The rules and regulations are similar for both, but the usage is a little different. A member of the Fraser River Ranch has the right to fish only that section of the river. The members who are both a member of the Fraser River Ranch and the Homestretch can fish both and have the right to reserve the Homestretch 1/2 mile section of the river for private fishing, private lessons, or a larger private, business, or charitable group. We will not let anyone fish this water for 2 days in advance of a reservation in order to provide the most native experience possible. A member of the Homestretch must also be a member of Fraser River Ranch.

We also have a well stocked pond on the property for use by all the members and their guests and families. We stock this pond in early summer and keep it open to the members until the end of October, weather permitting. The fish in this pond get very large on a diet of freshwater snails and are very tasty for those who might enjoy a fresh trout dinner on the grille. Yes, that's right, we do allow fish to be taken out of this pond as they do not winter in that water. Watching your young son or daughter catch an 18" rainbow on a mickey mouse spinning rod is quite something!

It is also an excellent place to learn or to practice fly fishing as it is an open area and easy to cast!